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Welcome to Adal Jewelry Designs, where you will find amazing creative handmade jewelry pieces for all occasions. If you love jewelry and prefer exclusive and unique designs, you've come to the right place. We offer ready-made as well as custom designed jewelry to suit every taste.

In addition, we provide an eclectic collection of fashion accessories that include natural and traditional African garb.

When you step into a room wearing an AdAl design, you can rest assure that all eyes will be on you!

Our Exquisite Jewelry Selections

All AdAl Jewelry Design pieces are handmade, beaded jewelry - each leveraging a different twist of inspiration. In order to provided our clients with high quality jewelry, we pride ourselves on attention to detail and the creation of remarkable pieces that showcase vivid colors and stylish designs. Each design is one of a kind, thus none of the items are massed produced. However, all previously made jewelry designs are displayed within our Archived Jewelry Gallery. Similarly designed pieces can be reproduced upon request.

We offer all types of jewelry selections - from formal, to informal and everything in between, we've got it all!

Custom Made Pieces

Unique is our middle name. As such, we - unlike most boutiques - offer clients one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, tailored to mimic a specific outfit. These custom looks adorn beaded designs that fit your outfit for a night out on the town or special occasions.

By simply forwarding a picture of your selected attire and a quite blurb about your vision, we can create a design to fit your attire.

Let us create your next special occasion look, distinguishing you from the rest of the guest in the room and giving you an unbelievable glow!