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Season Smith-Wesley

Owner and Designer

Season Smith-Wesley is a wife, mother of two beautiful children, and the owner and designer of AdAl Jewelry Designs. A native of Liberia, West Africa, Season moved to the United States at the age of seven, during the eclectic age of the early 1980s. The second oldest of six children, Season quickly learned the importance of setting a good example for her younger siblings. Her childhood household was guided by strong, hardworking, and loving parents. Season’s parents where sure to instill in their children the values of life and significance of education, while never forgetting to teach the importance of their cultural background. With her parents as positive influences and role models, Season’s road to success was well paved.

Always the diverse individual, Season’s academic career has garnered her a myriad of skill sets. Her early academia endeavors led her to acquire a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice. Although an exciting and thrilling career path, Season has since delved into business management studies. She is currently completing her second degree in Business Administration. In addition, she has leveraged her knowledge of project management and coordination to successfully earn certification as a Meeting & Event Planner.

The Emergence of a Jewelry Designer

AdAl Jewelry Design emerged out of a mere hobby that has catapulted into a visionary jewelry design boutique. The boutique’s diverse creations have given Season the opportunity to share her cutting edge styles and sassy designs with others.

In 2005 when Season’s son, Addy, was diagnosed with Autism, she turned to jewelry making as a means for easing her worries and clearing her mind. Season soon learned that jewelry designing acted as an outlet that allowed her to brainstorm on how best to care for her son and aide in the fight for finding a cure. While exploring this hobby, Season found that the art of jewelry making brought forth a hidden creativity buried deep within her.

Three years later while embracing some of the biggest changes in history - the commemoration of the nation’s first African American Presidential-Elect and one of the worse economic downturns in history - Season decided to use her creative prowess to create a cost-effective gift for a dear friend. Season never envisioned that from this simple token of gratitude that her dreams would begin. Upon giving her friend the gift, Season observed her facial expression as the gift was opened. Immediately, her friend said “You made this? This is so beautiful! You have got to start selling your jewelry”. Though this was a thought that Season had had on several occasions; hearing someone else say it forced her to think twice. And, so it was with that simple bit of prodding that it all began . . . .

In 2009, Season officially launched AdAl Jewelry Designs. It is under this moniker that she now delivers her unique line of jewelries to all those desiring distinctly, sophisticated designs.