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Our Other Passion – Spreading

Awareness and Making a Difference

You’ve seen how dedicated we are to making hand-crafted pieces of jewelry when browsing our site or in-store. We also hold a strong passion for charity. And there’s one in particular that means the world to us – Autism Speaks.


My family’s journey began when our son, Addy Wesley, Jr. was diagnosed with Autism in 2005. However, prior to the diagnosis, our son, Addy, exhibited normal developmental stages prior to the age of two. Once he turned two, we started to notice signs of social withdrawal and he no longer communicated verbally. It was then that we knew something was wrong. We consulted numerous doctors and specialists, however none of them could give us answers as to why our son had regressed in his speech and other developmental skills.

When we finally confirmed Addy’s Autism diagnosis, reversing the effects became more challenging. The biggest challenge of all was educating ourselves about Autism and how to care for an autistic child. Initially it was very stressful for – as we didn’t fully understand what we were up against. We tried everything from gluten free diets to medications, each leading to false hopes and adverse effects. We decided that we would fight this disorder through additional research, family support, and ongoing effective treatment measures.

As Addy began to grow, we experienced a lot of behavioral problems. We believe this to be the manifestation of Addy’s frustration in not being able to verbally express himself. This required more dedicated care for him and undivided attention from us at all times. Addy is now 13 years old and has overcome many obstacles but is still nonverbal with a very limited vocabulary. He can repeat certain words when prompted. Currently, he is able to perform all occupational skills and extremely self-reliant for personal care. As Addy continues to grow into adulthood we continue to pray and work hard in hopes that he will become verbal one day.

It is through Addy, our family began our dedication to supporting Autism research. And, it is with organizations like Autism Speaks that we will continue to work and support efforts that lead to preventative measures and, one day, a cure.

This is a cause that is dear to my heart. As such, I invite you to make a secure online donation in support of the many affected families.

Your kindness is greatly appreciated.

Since we are striving to make a difference, contributing towards finding a cure, and assisting families dealing with Autism, the benefiting organizations will vary. This variation of differing organizations will enable us to further expand our reach to those who are in need.


Season Smith-Wesley