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AdAl Jewelry Designs is a fresh combination of beauty and culture. It’s not just jewelry. It’s a brand of unique fashion accessories that allows women to express themselves while getting in touch with another part of the globe. We like to offer something to women they’ve never experienced while being able to connect with a beautiful and fascinating African culture. It’s safe to say we’re not your run-of-the-mill jewelry shop. Take a look at our collections, and experience something extraordinary with AdAl Jewelry Designs.

What Makes AdAl Different From the Rest

We tend to have a different perspective when it comes to designing jewelry. Sure, jewelry stores can focus on beauty and bling all they want – but why stop there? If we can give women the opportunity to have a connection with what they’re wearing, then we’re satisfied.

At AdAl Jewelry Designs, we combine talent with heritage to produce a unique style of jewelry. You’re not just wearing a necklace – you’re experiencing another culture. We can tailor any piece to match an outfit, a special occasion or a personality. Attention to detail with every bead and color means everything. When we say handmade jewelry, we really mean it – to the point that we do not mass produce any piece. Yeah, we like it fresh. We want each piece to match your exact tastes and needs. But if you see a piece on our site or in our store that you just gotta have – no problem. We can design a piece similar to that item and have you ready to go for a night out on the town or for your next big event. Formal, informal, whatever – we can do it all.

Feel the difference with AdAl Jewelry Designs. Give us a shout to find out how you can have your very own, custom-designed piece of jewelry that all your friends will be talking about. It’s what we do.